BP-001-XX Various artists: Trans-Border D.I.Y. Punk Attack vol. 1 -CD/MC/2xLP/digital distribution (formats probably between several labels)

Bands: Menetetty Maa (Finland), Warning! (Greece), Riesa (Finland), Oi Polloi (Scotland), Basta (Chile), Regardless (Russia), Tuomio (Finland) and Barackca (Hungary).

25 songs in about 58 minutes.

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BP-002-LP Etuaste: Jumalan Liha -LP (co-release with Urinal Vinyl & Etuaste)

15 songs.

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BP-003-LP Ikkuna / Persoonallisuushäiriö -split LP

BP-004-10 Menetetty Maa: Kuudes Joukkosukupuutto -10″

8 songs.