Persoonallisuushäiriö digital release out

Persoonallisuushäiriö digital release published

We have published Persoonallisuushäiriö: Punk Rock We Don’t Care -digital release. It has 3 songs in 2 tracks: Oot Sä Ihan Varma? and Et Katso Ketään Silmiin / Punk Rock We Don’t Care.

Persoonallisuushäiriö: Punk Rock We Don't Care
Persoonallisuushäiriö: Punk Rock We Don’t Care – digital release

Listen to it in:




or many another streaming services (you may find a link to your favourite streamer and post it in the comments).

And remember to check out “Ei Lumi Tee Enkeleitä Eteiseen” promo video we published in July and let’s break 1.000 views limit soon: (and of course subscribe the channel, if you already haven’t).

PS. Ikkuna / Persoonallisuushäiriö -split LP coming 2021.

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