Halloween discount!

Halloween discount -10% of all products! Use “halloween19” coupon code to receive halloween -10% discount on our webshop. Offer is valid until 3.11.2019.

Web shop open

Web shop open We have opened web shop. Acceptable paying method are direct bank transfer or via PayPal (credit and debit cards accepted). All products are on sale up to -20% of normal price. Discounts closes 13.10.-20.10.2019, so more quick you are, more likely your Read More …

Lapinpolthajat: Ajasta Iäisyyteen -live video published

Lapinpolthajat: Ajasta Iäisyyteen -live video published

Working with webshop

We’re working with webshop We are opening a web shop soon. Added several items and working with details. Hope we can sort everything out in a few days. Meanwhile you may look a bit what is coming on…

Several updates

Several updates We have made several updates to layout, menu (webshop coming up soon) and few more details. Hope you like these, and it would be suberb to hear your comments what is good and what is bad?

YouTube statistics September 2019

YouTube statistics September 2019 Times viewed: 01. (01.) 348 Sekasorto: Mä Vihaan Poliiseja -promo 02. (02.) 80 Olotila: Medley: Akvaario/130395/Viimeinen Kevät -live 03. (03.) 40 Menetetty Maa: Kuudes Joukkosukupuutto -promo 04. (new) 31 Korkkivika: Muoviruusuja -live 05. (04.) 24 Kiljumekanismi: Psyykkinen Krapula -live 06. (05.) Read More …

New schedule for publishing YouTube video statistics

New schedule for publishing YouTube video statistics We have scheduled posting September 2019 YouTube video statistics 5.10. at 0:01 (Friday-Saturday night). And from now on we will – or at least try – publish statistics on each month’s fifth day. And remember to subscribe our Read More …