Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019.

Planned releases for 2019 are:

Live video series:
Kohu-63 @ Tvo, Turku, Finland 13.10.2018
Turun Tauti @ Tvo, Turku, Finland 13.10.2018
Menetetty Maa @ Torvi, Lahti, Finland 04.01.2019
Oi Polloi @ various gigs in Europe 15.-23.03.2019

Promotion videos:
Tuomio: Ostetaan, Ostetaan. To be released 15.02.2019 around 21:00
Menetetty Maa: Kuudes Joukkosukupuutto. T.b.r. 15.02.2019 ca. 21:00

Tour documents:
Oi Polloi in Germany, Czech, Austria and Slovenia March 2019.
Tuomio & Menetetty Maa in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania May 2019.

Cd releases:
Menetetty Maa: Kuudes Joukkosukupuutto -cd March 2019.

+ many, many more.

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